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THE LIQUID PROJECT For You gets 8/10

The Liquid Project
For You


Perth neo-soul/disco outfit The Liquid Project have been lighting up Perth stages throughout the last 12 months, being noted for their rotating vocalists, three-piece horn section and big band aesthetic. Now after launching their first single What You Know in September, they’re back with another party-starter; the uptempo For You.

The track kicks off with a bang, tugging you onto the dance floor with slick piano licks and a bass riff that slips and slide across the frets with frenetic pace and placement. One of the band’s two lead singers, Daisy Fanning, owns the track as much as anyone, with her voice cascading above and around the music, expressing the whole scope of the highs and lows of love, but without breaking stride.

After a poignant poise in the middle of the song things kick back in with am aerobic scat passage from Fanning. It sums up the free-spirited vibe of the tune and the band as a whole (you don’t hear many other groups attempting this kind of thing very often!)

But as fun as it might be the talent of this group makes them one to take seriously. Their brand of classic disco and funk is delivered with pure intent and not with cringy retro gesturing. That dimension of the group becomes most apparent at the end of the song as it closes on a tender acapella moment with the sounds of the band fading away, leaving Fanning’s voice to sit alone in ponderous melancholy.

Fanning described For You as an “anthem of love – the joy, the pain and every emotion in between. It’s about how hard it can be to forget someone, even when you know you should, and on the other hand how fantastic it can feel to just fall head over heels. It’s about how we often fall for the people we least expect.” This background explains the emotional range of the track which is one of its key strengths.

The Liquid Project are set to kick the party up a gear with their debut album scheduled for release on December 18. If this groove doesn’t do it For You, it’s hard to see what will.



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