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THE LAUGH RESORT The show must go on…line

Until audiences can return to its home at The Shoe Bar (and possibly after), Perth’s most established comedy club, The Laugh Resort, has made the pivot to live-streaming shows online via Zoom on the first and the third Wednesday every month.

It’s a move welcomed by the not-for-profit association’s members, the working comedians who’ve seen their majority of work evaporate. They’ll tell you comedy’s like riding a bike in that you can get rusty if idle and not in use.

Streaming from The Shoe in Yagan Square, The Laugh Resort presents different line ups of the West’s finest comedians performing live alongside guest acts beamed in from around Australia and the world. All you need is a screen to enjoy the show in real time via Zoom from the comfort of your own couch…or bed. We won’t judge.

All ticket proceeds go to the otherwise largely out-of-work cast and crew, and every ticket holder gets the chance to win a $50 voucher from The Shoe.

Perth’s most established comedy club, The Laugh Resort, will be live-streaming comedy shows via Zoom on the first and third Wednesday of every month. For line ups and tickets, click here.

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