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The Killers


killerDirect Hits
Island Records/Universal

When The Killers first album, 2004’s Hot Fuss, spawned four hit singles and the claimed song of the decade, it became clear that there was a big future for the Las Vegas quartet. Now, after 10 years and four LPs, The Killers have released their first greatest hits compilation.

Following chronological order, the LP starts out strong with the rock-pop classic Mr. Brightside, the dancefloor anthem Somebody Told Me and the incredibly catchy and groovy tunes Smile Like You Mean It and All These Things That I’ve Done. However, following the track When You Were Young, the album begins to shift into less actual hits and more filler tracks. The Killers’ newer indie-pop vibe displayed in the albums Day & Age and Battle Born feature a relaxed atmosphere loaded with synth, in which the only real hits as such seem to be Human and Runaways.

The LP also features two new tracks; the easily forgettable ‘80s rock tribute, A Shot In The Night and the chorus-driven Just Another Girl.

Overall, it seems a little too early for a greatest hits compilation from The Killers, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a fun listen.


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