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THE JUNGLE GIANTS @ Astor Theatre gets 7/10

The Jungle Giants @ The Astor Theatre
w/ Alice Ivy and Evan Klar
Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The Jungle Giants celebrated a full sold out tour at The Astor Theatre with friends Alice Ivy and Evan Klar. They got over 1000 people dancing on a Tuesday night, an incredible feat, and put on a feel good show.

Evan Klar

Evan Klar got things started, playing songs off his debut album, Deepest Creatures. Alice Ivy also did a fine job in support, playing hits Chasing Stars and Get Me A Drink along with others from her recently released album.

Alice Ivy

Unfortunately, the house lights were kept up for the support acts and the volume was very low. You could easily talk over the supports and that’s what a lot of people did. It felt more like background music, rather than acts to pay attention to, and it was a shame.

The Jungle Giants

When the house lights went down for The Jungle Giants, the crowd finally seemed a bit more enthusiastic. Opening with On Your Way Down, the band got the crowd dancing straight away. The band also had a super cool stage set up, which included a light beam interpretation of their album cover.

The Jungle Giants

From there they launched into a clear favourite from their debut album, She’s A Riot. Waiting For A Sign kept the crowd dancing, as did You’ve Got Something.

The Jungle Giants

The band then launched into tracks from their latest album, Blinded and title track Quiet Ferocity, before taking fans back to Speakerzoid for Every Kind Of Way.

One of the best track runs of the night was I Am What You Want Me To Be, Bad Dream and Used To Be In Love and the band comfortably kept up with the crowds enthusiasm. They powered through People Always Say before exiting the stage, for what could only been an encore, as there was still one more, very important track left to play.

Upon returning to the stage, much to the fans delight, Sam and crew sent the audience into disco mode when they played Hottest 100 favourite Feel The Way I Do. Definitely one of the highlights of the night, everyone was dancing and had a huge smile on their face.

Overall the band were tight, and having the time of their lives, with Cesira deciding to descend into the crowd for a bit of a crowd surf. They played a fun set, which could have perhaps only been made better with the inclusion of a few more Speakerzoid tracks.


Photos by Adrian Thomson

The Jungle Giants
The Jungle Giants


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