The Impact of Video Games on The World

For a long time, parents have seen video games as a waste of time and distraction. Worse off, some education experts believe that video games corrupt the growing mind of a child. While video games have been loved by many, especially adolescents, teenagers’ violent behaviors get linked to these games. The media and some experts do not hold back when it comes to pushing that video games are responsible for kids’ bad habits and naughty behavior. Today, the online casino is seen as an addictive gambler’s world that rotten young patronizers’ minds. To fully understand the impacts of video games on the world without prejudice, you need to read-up a true blue casino review with an unbiased mindset. Nevertheless, gambling has always been a part of human society long before the first video game was created.

Among the many backlashes at video games, some psychologists and scientists find these games beneficial to the player and society. One of the most apparent benefits is video games’ ability to improve a child’s mental state. According to a statement by a psychologist from the University of Wisconsin, Shawn Green, “video games change the brain.” Undoubtedly, these pastimes cause some changes to a person’s overall mental behavior, like the way reading or music does. This post will focus on highlighting the impact of video games on the world according to these five aspects:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Movie-related
  • Economic
  • Educational

Let’s dive in.

Mental Impact

There’s a widespread belief that video games are a significant reason for some children’s behaviors. While this is false to some experts, there seems to be an apparent disagreement in modern media. However, one impact both sides can agree about is the mental benefits these video games offer. Studies reveal that most gamers are between the ages of eighteen and thirty-six. And for the younger set of gamers below the age of eighteen, video games have significantly improved their mental state.

How? A study revealed that most children who play games like The Incredible Machine, Cut The Rope, or Angry Bird develop a trained mind for solving puzzles. Likewise, those into console games like PlayStation or Xbox eventually develop their hand-eye coordination, spatial, and fine motor skills. In a nutshell, video games have impacted these players by unintentionally building their mental capabilities. When the claims arise regarding games making kids smarter, do not only look at it from the educational aspect but also view it from different angles to understand the statement.

Emotional Impact

If you look at the impact of video games on the world from an emotional aspect, it is relatively easy to spot positive and negative impacts. While the media and some experts emphasize the negative consequences, you have to emotionally commend the tremendously positive effects of video games. One of the most prominent negative impacts of video games is making its players disconnected from the real-world. According to a Forbes survey, the United States takes up the highest population of gamers at 51%, meaning it holds the record for more disconnected persons.

When most people begin gaming, they tend to lose themselves and have fewer real-life friends. In contrast, video games help to build new bonds all over the world. When players compete with fellow gamers globally, there create healthy connections with strangers – making video games seem like a social media platform. Some video games allow you to chat, talk, or use other sorts of communication with people globally, and this in-turn creates several friendships. Also, discussions about new game releases like in the section online slot machines Australia on all social platforms create unity between all gamers irrespective of race or gender.

Impact on the Movie Industry

Video games have, without a doubt, played a significant role in the movie industry. With most of the highest-grossing films and television shows taking roots from video games, this is a lucrative trend. Amongst the early popular video games created, some were adapted into the movie industry. These games turned movies have in some way given movie lovers a way to enjoy a blend of the game into their world. However, not all of these movies made from games had the best reviews; they undoubtedly gave movie lovers entertainment. Some of the popular games that fuse into the movie industry include Pokemon, Assassin’s Creed, Mortal Kombat, and lots more.

Economic Impact

When it comes to the economic impact of video games on the world, you can only see the several benefits it has bestowed globally. Video games are a form of entertainment that has gradually crept into the heart of millions. A study reveals that “one in every three young persons is a gamer,” and this study is without a doubt accurate. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the United States gaming industry in 2019 generated about $90.3 billion in its annual economic output, which is more than some other financial areas.

The ESA research also revealed that the gaming industry in 2019 supported about 429,000 jobs in the United States. Additionally, the video gaming industry’s activities annually generate more than $12.6 billion in federal to local taxes. For several further findings on its economic impact, take a look at the “2020 Economic Impact Report.”

Educational Impact

The impact of video games, especially on young gamers, has many adverse effects on their academic lives. There have been a series of research on the role of video games on academics; while most of the studies show the negative aspect, there have been positive impacts. A survey conducted by Timo Gnambs, a psychology professor at Johannes Kepler University in Austria, suggests that video games had only minimal effects on student’s grades and none on their actual competence.

Furthermore, the study revealed that students who spend long hours on video games performed poorly than those without these games. However, when it came to overall mental soundness and ability to multitask efficiently and perform coordinated activities, gaming students performed better. Additionally, some students learn quicker through educational games. This aspect makes the idea of video games beneficial academically.

Final Thoughts

Taking a look at the impacts of video games on the world, you will notice that these games have been both beneficial and detrimental in almost all areas, including health. However, this post has highlighted several aspects of the world where video games have made an impact.

Next time you get into a conflict or disagreement between the positive and negative effects of video games globally, the areas listed above can serve as reliable focus points. Since there’s no stopping of video games, the world will have to adapt to the changes these games will bring along. Also, we will need to focus more on building the positive impacts of video games rather than the negatives.