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The Icypoles


My World Was Made For You

The Lost And Lonesome Records Co
Melbourne-based group The Icypoles’ debut album, My World Was Made For You, gives you a girly, soft and dreamy world wrapped in ‘60s pop harmonies where the bass drives the melody. The Icypoles’ sound is innocent and somewhat wistful.
Their innocent vocals work best in songs such as Gotta Stop It where the surf-harmonies blend well with a semi-harsh message: ‘Stop wasting time in love with boys with girlfriends/You gotta find the love that has no loose ends/You gotta stop and let him go, gotta find another man’. On the contrary, songs such as Round ‘n’ Round, where the vocals are mixed with lyrics such as, ‘My legs they make the wheels go round the wheels go round, the wheels go round’, indicate when it doesn’t work. On songs like Don’t Fall in Love With Me the girls sing together giving it an extra layer, which works well with the Lykke Li sounding drums.
The running theme of the album is boys – can’t live without them, can’t settle down with them just yet. This album is mellow and low key, perfect for a rainy day.



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