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THE HOTPOINTS Perth Mint gets 7/10

The Hotpoints
Perth Mint
Half A Cow


When Nic Dalton (The Lemonheads, Sneeze) and Adem K (Turnstyle, Community Chest) first met in 1995, it was a simpler time where the two songwriters were primarily concerned with their own lo-fi versions of 4-track recorder, slacker rock. Two decades later and people carry a camera, personal assistant and a recording studio around in their pocket. It is this type of technology and the pervasiveness of social media that led to the two songwriters reconnecting, playing shows together, and ultimately forming new band The Hotpoints.

Crosswires plays homage to Brian-Eno as the duo create their stripped back version of a symphony recorded in a backyard shed. Game Set and Match leaves the guitars on the back burner for the most-part as keyboards drive a tune that wouldn’t have been out of place on Turnstyle Country. With the two singers trading vocals with ease, this two minute slice of magnetism is Adem K at his most vibrant.

Looking to cover as much music history as possible on one CD, The Hotpoints dabble in the colourful art of psychedelia on a wigged out Jamie’s Pad. Head Over Heals using chugging guitars to great effect to navigate the listener to the tune’s tag line of “somethings telling me, you’re not into me”. Dalton has always been able to deliver tongue in cheek sentiment wrapped in a memorable melody and he doesn’t disappoint here.

The Hotpoints are a band that developed out of chance, yet with Perth Mint have put together a mini album that is the perfect companion to an evening around a tiki bar.


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