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The Hit List

acepizzaEAT AT: Ace Pizza

Get thee to Beaufort Street for some of the best pizza in the city! They’re confident in their carefully constructed menu, so much so that the only change they’ll allow to a pizza order is to add anchovies.

The ClassroomDRINK AT: The Classroom

Classy cocktails are the order of the day at this North Perth institution. If you’ve a hankering to learn some mixology yourself, they’re offering a lesson in cocktail making on June 23 – go to their Facebook page for details.

Cabinet NoirSHOP AT: Cabinet Noir

Luxury sneakers – it’s a thing. Don’t believe us? Go check out this footwear boutique, tucked away in Shafto Lane.

The HangoutGO TO: The Hangout

With the winter weather making outdoor exercise a hassle, get along to Perth’s biggest indoor climbing centre for a fierce and fun workout.


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