The Growth of Social Gaming

Advanced gaming technologies have contributed to the growth of social gaming worldwide. Better digital distribution, low gaming costs and an increase in income levels enable many users to download content on systems. High internet connectivity will make the social gaming market drastically grow soon. Here is an insight into the growth of social gaming.

Many Opportunities

The internet influences our lives in various ways. The digital world is more versatile than the real world. For example, you can reach a limited number of people physically and contact millions of people online. Social gaming offers us unlimited opportunities to compete with millions of gamers from all over the world in board games. Besides, it helps us organize charity events to help the less privileged in our societies. You can play any video game online.

Mobile Social Gaming

The online gaming market has grown since 2000. Mobile social gaming is one of the social gaming aspects that has caused this growth. A few decades ago, people used mobile phones for communication only. Now, you can engage in social casino gaming on a smartphone. It isn’t restricted to specific geographical locations and you can do it remotely.

Last year, mobile social gaming grew by 16 percent whole desktop-based social gaming grew by 1 percent. Research indicates that mobile gaming will form 55 percent of the social gaming market in the future.

The Fuse of Social Gaming

The rise of Facebook in the late 2000s transformed the social gaming industry in 2009. Millions of web users wanted to be virtual farmers at that time. They used catapults and avian species to destroy weak structures. Farmville and Angry Birds started gaining popularity in 2010. Other puzzle games such as Candy Crush and League of Legends have emerged since then. Most sectors of the gambling industry adopted social gaming in 2016. Social casino games will continue growing in the future.

Monetizing Players:The Freemium Model

Social casinos generate a huge percentage of their revenue by selling virtual chips. Kevin Vonasek, Chief Product Officer for Americas at NYX Gaming stated that the chips lack value. He said that the casinos can award social players points when they play at their social casinos. NYX will urge brick-and-mortar casinos to offer social gaming to pundits. Kevin pledged that NYX Gaming will supply products to operators who want to provide channels for bettors to enjoy the social space.

Gamers who enjoy land-based loyalty programs are likely to spend more on virtual coins. Some users want to buy more chips rather than wait for a fresh supply. You can play freemium games without credit. Also, you can pay a nominal fee to buy other casino chips. But it is tricky to monetize social games. About 3 percent of gamers buy extra items for free-to-play games.

Over the years, the social gaming industry has transformed into a lucrative and full-fledged market due to an increase in mobile game providers and freemium games. North America will soon dominate the industry due to its advanced internet connectivity and infrastructure. Also, it has a high adoption rate of social games.