The greatest Aussie movies ever made

Australia is probably best known for its beautiful beaches, kangaroos, it’s hugely passionate sports fans and the Outback, but it should also get a nod of appreciation for one other thing it’s incredibly underrated at – making pretty damn good movies.

Obviously the other things we mentioned generally spring to mind if asked what you think of when you think of Australia. Sport is incredibly popular in the country and the weather is generally excellent so a barbecue on the beach and a beer with your mobile phone at the ready for a game of slot machines which can be found here makes perfect sense. But Australians like to act too, believe it or not, and Aussie cinema over the years has produced some fantastic movies.

So, without further ado, we thought we’d highlight some of the best Australian movies ever made and show our appreciation for some of the classic creations to come from Down Under.

Mad Max

Mel Gibson might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Mad Max certainly is. The movie was the making of Gibson in what is a brilliant depiction of a dystopian Australian future, full of pure mayhem with gangs running riot and chaos ensuing throughout. If you enjoy movies full of endless action, then Mad Max is for you.

Muriel’s Wedding

 It’s amazing how many people aren’t aware of this movie, but Muriel’s Wedding is a classic from the early 90s in what is the story of a lonely young lady called Muriel who is desperate to find love and make something of her life and, in turn, impress her mother and, in particular, her strict father. Muriel, who is essentially a socially awkward loner, is utterly obsessed with ABBA, so be prepared for endless plays of their hits as Muriel aims to make a new life for herself in Sydney with her hedonistic mate.

Crocodile Dundee

 Everyone’s seen Crocodile Dundee, right? Probably one of Australia’s best known exports, Crocodile Dundee was hugely popular around the globe as people fell in love with this comical rom-com about a New York journalist who falls in love with a rough-living bushman while on a business trip to the Australian outback. What follows is a journey back to her home of America, where Mick Dundee is like a fish out of water. Genius.

Romper Stomper

 Certainly not child-friendly, Romper Stomper is probably one of the most brutal movies you’ll ever see. Drinking, fighting, sex, racism, drugs, burglary and guns, it literally has it all. Its release in 1992 was met with huge controversy and since then it’s fairly hard to find due to its explicit nature. An incredibly powerful movie though, Romper Stomper is an excellent depiction of Australia’s underworld ethnic war, with a special performance from a young Russell Crowe a real highlight.


One of Australia’s most famous criminals, Chopper is the story of Mark Brandon Read and the rather mental life he led before the law eventually caught up with him. Starring Eric Bana – who plays ‘Chopper’ absolutely perfectly – the movie is widely considered as one of Australia’s very best, perfectly depicting a tough time in the country in the drug-filled late 80s and early 90s in Melbourne.

Moulin Rouge!

 Perhaps not adored by all, Moulin Rouge! will certainly go down in history as one of the best movies to come out of Australia as it was – simply put – massive! The Bohemian revolution takes over Paris and it’s drug-fuelled, prostitute ridden underworld – more specifically, Moulin Rouge – home of exotic dances performed by the ladies of the house.