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The Graduates 2013


The hard work of students in the ‘Advanced Diploma of Fashion And Textile Design’ at Central Institute Of Technology will culminate this Monday, November 4 with the design parade, The Graduates 2013.


Fifteen graduates all fully engaged in the creative process from inspiration to the final garment, plus the organisation of a parade and exhibition. It’s the final step in graduating from the one-year Advanced Diploma course before they embark (and continue) on their careers in fashion, plus a chance to display their work to friends, family, industry and the public.

While the parade is an annual event, each year it’s a little different, with students able to influence the direction of the show.

“Students started working on their concepts in July and have been working heavily on their collections since,” says Kirsten Shadbolt, Fashion and Textile lecturer at Central Institute Of Technology. “As always the last few weeks before the show are full of activity. The students are getting very confident with a lot of multi tasking, heavy involvement in setup of installations and the production of the show. They’re up to the finishing touches on garments and preparing the whole concept for industry judging this coming Friday.”

The parade and exhibitions will be held in the downstairs and upstairs gallery spaces at PICA in the Perth Cultural Centre. There’ll be a runway especially created to suit the space, plus post show trade viewing of the students’ full collections with textile samples and the chance to meet and chat with them in person.

“We have also been very fortunate to have a promotional screening on the Cultural Centre screen hosted by the MRA,” Shadbolt says. “We have promotional videos screening throughout this week and on the night before the show from 5:45pm – 7pm. They’ll also be a re-run of the show on Sunday, November 10 for public viewing.”

The Graduates 2013 is happening on Monday, November 4 at PICA. Doors open at 6pm and the post parade graduate collection viewing is between 8-9pm. 

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