Stephen Lee is a rebel without a restraining order who has returned home for the first time in 20 years to perform his Fringe World show The George Pell Tabernacle Choir Sing the Hims. The show is certainly not for the squeamish or “wowsers,” as Lee promises an hour of borderline gut-laughs with his unique brand of no-holds-barred, in-your-face, good old-fashioned politically-incorrect style of stand-up comedy at The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe on Friday and Saturday nights from January 15 to 23 (get more info and tickets here). MICHAEL HOLLICK took the time to delve further into Lee’s psyche and find out more on how to transform Catholic guilt into comedy.

It’s hard to know what to expect from this show judging by its title. How would you describe it in your own words?

It’s about 49 years of Catholic guilt boiling to the top. The show is neither anti or pro-religion. It’s like the Bible itself, open to interpretation. Funny as fuck though!

And who do you think will enjoy the show most? 

Anyone willing to buy a ticket but generally anyone aged 15 with a guardian to the age of…dead.

What are you most proud about your upcoming show?  

I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve done it and although the title may suggest a certain direction it really isn’t. It’s relatively tame for me but there will be twists and turns that’ll certainly upset certain wowsers. 

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021? 

This is my first Fringe in Perth. Normally I am away in the USA working but with travel not allowed, Perth seems the safest place to be. So I’d say since October 2020, when I realised there was no where else to be. 

What do you think differentiates this from the other Fringe 2021 shows? 

Flying under the radar and 23 years professional experience working as a stand-up comedian all over the world has taught me how to be professional, how to captivate an audience and most importantly how to be funny. Working with people like Jim Jefferies, Patrice O’Neil and Bill Burr certainly helps you develop your art from listening to their experiences and watching their talent. 

And finally, what fruit is your show most like? And why? 

I’d have to say the forbidden fruit, an apple. Imagine if Eve didn’t eat the apple. Our lives would have been so boring! Take a risk and enjoy the forbidden fruit. The worst thing that could happen is you’ll realise you are naked but the good thing is you might learn how to sew with plants.