The Felice Brothers

FeliceBrothersFavourite Waitress

The Felice Brothers may have their beginnings in the often limited Americana genre, but over the years they have become more and more rustic with a habit of pushing the boundaries. Their impressive catalogue is augmented with self-released live records and demos, but it is when they put their energies into an ‘official’ release that they tend to really shine.

Favourite Waitress is the first time that Felice Brothers have ventured out of Hunter Valley to record an album, and the first time in a ‘real’ studio finally landing at Mike Mogis and Conor Oberst’s Arc Studio in Omaha. No need to be alarmed that the homespun outfit have covered their tunes with glitter and sheen as after reducing the hundred odd songs to the baker’s dozen here, they still knocked out the album within a week.

Bird On Broken Wing kicks things off with all of the elements that have made The Felice Brothers such a likeable outfit. Dogs barking in the background, a wandering bass line, laconic vocals that mirror a young Dylan and a bright sing along chorus make this a quintessential Felice tune. Cherry Licorice is a throwaway gem as the band sing of Halloween evenings and their favourite sweets with the type of ramshackle appeal that has seen them be considered a modern day Replacements.

The Felice Brothers return to a more familiar formula on Favourite Waitress after the experimental nature of recent releases. They are much the better for it with a rock solid collection that is well suited to either whiskey or wine.