The Drowning Men


All Of The Unknown

Borstal Beat Records

While Californian indie rock group The Drowning Men’s third LP, All Of The Unknown, features upbeat, easy-listening rock, the album overall leaves a lot to be desired, feeling predominantly like background music that’s just… there. That being said, the LP is still a fun collection of songs that can easily be chucked on during a nice Sunday drive or hammock session at home; it just isn’t anything monumental or unique.

Lost In A Lullaby is a brilliant choice for opening track; with shades of Mumford & Sons, its upbeat tempo, constant snare hits and laid-back strumming provides a fun start to the 40-minute album. Following it is The Waltz, built on Nathan Bardeen’s vocals, which on first listen will remind you of Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The track features a darker vibe and a great blend of lead guitar and backing vocals.

Other songs to look into are Smile and I Am The Beggar Man; however, don’t expect anything spectacular.