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THE DISAPPOINTED Start something new with third EP Disappear


Discouraged, dispirited, despondent, The Disappointed throw the heaviest of raw emotion into their 3rd EP Disappear and we can’t wait to glory in their bitter dark tunes at the launch on Saturday, March 3 at Jack Rabbit Slims.

Murky and teeming with tender and powerful lyrics, The Disappointed manage to make those feelings that fall apart when you try to say them out loud fabricate into a new release. The band have pushed past the 5-year mark, solidified their bond and found an unshakable chemistry, after facing tough questions that would direct the path for their future together. The answers they found laid solely with the music, and with that they have turned out an EP that feels to be their most honest.

Their recently released single Start Of Something is hauntingly pure and true to their mysterious indie pop rock flavour. It’s just a taste of how far the band has come from their popular and intense hit Find A Rope. The EP is guaranteed to inspire and electrify the Australian pop rock music scene; Fuel up for a big night to embrace it through those false refrigerator doors at Jack Rabbit Slims on March 3.

Keep up to date with the band’s offical Facebook page and register your interest on the event page.

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