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The Dillinger Escape Plan

TheDillingerEscapePlanOne Of Us Is The Killer

It’s been nearly a decade since The Dillinger Escape Plan released the acclaimed and game-changing Miss Machine, announcing themselves as kings of chaos, and they’ve continued to push the boundaries of heavy music ever since. One Of Us Is The Killer does everything you’d expect it to and more while also throwing in a curveball or two for good measure.

From the opening seconds of the album you know exactly what you’re in for as opener, Prancer, tears you a new one before When I Lost My Bet continues the onslaught. This is about where One Of Us Is The Killer really starts to take shape.

The title track displays exactly why The Dillinger Escape Plan are virtually untouchable. This song ebbs and flows through grace and tranquillity before unleashing one of the catchiest choruses you’ll hear in years while still maintaining that Dillinger edge, before ending in trademark heavy fashion. From here on in the record blossoms, showcasing some of Dillinger’s heaviest work to date (the end of Understanding Decay is crushingly brutal) as well as some of their most accessible material in terms of melody.

One Of Us Is The Killer is an album that seamlessly floats between beauty and brutality, and is certain to be a favourite among existing fans while being accessible enough to open the door for new ones. One Of Us Is The Killer is a definite contender for ‘Album Of The Year’ if The Dillinger Escape Plan is your cup of tea.


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