The Dating Boutique
The Dating Boutique

A new service has entered the crowded online matchmaking market in the form of The Dating Boutique. We spoke to co-founder and director Zally Maynard about what sets their site apart from the pack.


Maynard describes The Dating Boutique as a high end service aimed at clients over 21, but it’s also a more inclusive dating avenue, aiming at providing a welcoming service to sections of the population normally marginalised or at least disadvantaged by regular courtship avenues.

“We cater for people with disabilities giving them hope and a chance of meeting other people in the same situation as friends or maybe more.” she explains. “Also we will be organising nights out for the mature clients and FIFO workers singles nights.”

The Dating Boutique does not attract ongoing monthly fees; rather clients simply pay a one-off fee for unlimited use of the site. Although they only launched a month and a half ago, Maynard is confident. “All the marketing has been working. The registration has doubled in the last week so, yes, we believe it will be a huge success.”


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