THE CROW AND THE KING @ REmida Perth gets 5/10

The Crow and the King @ REmida Perth
Friday, January 22, 2021


REmida invites Fringe-goers to enter their “Warehousium” of adventure this school holidays for a magical scavenger hunt! In order to open King Midas’ Treasures and to save the Raven, you must collect objects and solve riddles that take you around the REmida workshop.

It is every child’s dream: rooms filled with buttons, marbles, jewelry, flowers and fairy lights. This promenade experience spans four rooms and an outdoor courtyard, which are all thoughtfully and eclectically transformed with the materials from REmida.

For those who have never heard of REmida, they are a collective dedicated to minimizing waste by collecting recycled goods and industrial offcuts that would otherwise go to landfill. Craft and sculpture enthusiasts pay a yearly subscription to access all their materials in their warehouse located in West Perth; saving the planet and a precious penny in the process.

What makes the show more impressive is their dedication to the environment, giving recycled materials a second life on stage. From the fairy-lights, to the objects of the scavenger hunt, even the artful costume of The Crow, all sets and props were reused and recycled. This environmental spirit is something that more theatres should be encouraged to adopt. Props and costume departments, consider looking into REmida for your next show and maybe even consider a subscription to stock yourself for next year’s Fringe?

The actors must be commended in their skills directing and facilitating the children. There were more than a few giggles from the audience. They did, however, mostly come from those thirteen and under. Despite a beautiful setting, the core plot was lacking. The lore and story were overly complicated and confusing, and the show left much to be desired from more mature audiences. The clues of the scavenger hunt were a tad simplistic and directed mostly at children.

The Crow and the King showcases environmentally friendly theatre with flare. For those with energetic and curious youngsters or those wanting to get a peek into REmida, this is the show for you. For those looking for an engaging plot and characters? Maybe not. While it is an environmental and aesthetic feast, its confusing and two-dimensional narrative paired with lacklustre riddles, is the reason this show scores a 5 out of 10.