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The Creases

TheCreasesSinger/guitarist, Joe Agius, chats with AARON BRYANS about the sudden rise of The Creases and their debut EP, Gradient.

It’s been a huge year for Queensland quartet, The Creases, who advanced from weekend jam sessions to touring alongside the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Jungle Giants.

With an EP recorded and ready for release, the group scored a worldwide deal with Liberation Music as well as securing an appearance at this year’s Splendour in the Grass.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” singer/guitarist, JoeAgius laughs. “Originally we never expected to even play live for this band; it was this silly project we did on weekends. After we released the first single, (I Won’t Wait), we got more serious and keen to do it properly. We definitely didn’t expect anything that’s been happening at all.

“It’s been really cool having a team to work with. It makes it a lot easier for us and there’s a lot more opportunities. There’s only so much you can do as an unsigned band, it gets pretty difficult sometimes. Especially if you have really adventurous ideas you want to try and do with recordings or videos; it definitely helps with the label to be able to put some of that together.”

The summation of the band’s growth has arrived with the upcoming release of Gradient; The Creases debut, five-track EP that features their current single, Static Lines. Recorded with Simon ‘Berkfinger’ Berckelman from Philadelphia Grand Jury, the EP is officially released this week.

“It was really cool,” Agius says of recording the EP. “We did it ages ago in November last year with Berkfinger. We were touring with Philadelphia Grand Jury at the time and we recorded it a few days between shows. It was really good and really rushed, but it was cool. We recorded it live as a band in one room, which is something we’ve never done recording-wise. We’re really surprised with how it sounded so we went with it. We literally just played metres apart in one room.”

The journey goes on as The Creases are already beginning work on their debut album, scheduled for an early 2015 release.

“We’re already into writing for it and I think we’ll be demoing in a month or so, then record it at the end of the year and hopefully have it out early next year,” Agius says.

“We’re pretty keen to keep the gap between releases as small as possible. We’ve only been together for a year, so we haven’t had that time as a band to play shit shows with no one coming and really work up our sound and everything like that. Everyone’s kind of watched us evolve from the beginning. If you’d seen our first shows and then watched us play now you can see that there’s a pretty big difference in sound already and I think when it comes to the album it’s going to be different again.”

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