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THE CORONAS Dublin entendre

The Coronas
One of Ireland’s most popular rock acts The Coronas are hitting Metros Fremantle this Saturday, November 25, touring their acclaimed new album Trust The WireAfter kicking off their tour with a bang in Brisbane on Thursday and selling out in Sydney on Friday, the Dublin quartet are sure to be a live experience not be missed in Perth.

Despite already having four double platinum albums and numerous top 10 singles under their belt, Trust The Wire is being heralded as sonic leap forward on their previous work. It combines their signature smooth vocals and melodic pop hooks with lush electronics, spine-tingling atmospherics and a new-found sense of adventure.

It was written upon the group’s return to their hometown of Dublin after almost four years living in the UK and captures the focus they found in leaving home, with the fresh perspective it gave them expressed through bold production and growing maturity in songwriting.

Trust The Wire is out now. The Coronas play at Metros Fremantle this Saturday, November 25. Tickets on sale now. 

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