THE COMMONS (S1) gets 7/10 Realistic yet liveable future

Season 1

Created by Shelley Birse
Starring Joanne Foggart, David Lyons, Ryan Corr, Rupert Penry Jones
Network: Stan


As a Stan exclusive The Commons is made and produced in Australia, which is great as this sort of futuristic setting isn’t normally done for Australian TV. The setting and the time period is what gives this show a really good aesthetic. The shots of CGI towers set in what is a futuristic Sydney are very impressive.

What this series excels in is having a relationship drama as the central focus, but not being over dramatic or soapy in its story. That is conveyed in the acting which is one of the standouts of the series; actors like David Lyons, Ryan Corr, Rupert Penry Jones and Joanne Foggart all turning in brilliant performances that are very grounded in their portrayal. The subject matter of trying to conceive at all costs is a very interesting one, and if the acting wasn’t as good as it is then the series would suffer.

One criticism of this series is really the world building – it is a time where climate change has affected the planet and the way we live, shown through climate protests and continuous storms thrashing the city that are worse than the usual. While it doesn’t feel like this world is uninhabitable, this is mainly because the setting takes a back seat to the relationship drama – a little more attention paid to the circumstances might give more meaning to the narrative.

Nonetheless The Commons is one of the best shows on Stan from its original library for Australian made content, with great acting and a unique new vision for Oz content.