THE BLUE ROOM THEATRE New season program announce

The Blue Room Theatre have announced their April – July program for this year, which will see six works hit their stage across the coming months.

Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten) will take place across Monday, April 23 until Saturday, May 12. The show attacks the idea behind the ‘broken artist’.

From Tuesday, May 1 until Saturday, May 19 you can catch Hive Mind. A story set in the sleepy town of St Augustine, Haley goes missing while hiking through Box Elder Canyon. As Dale searches for the missing girl, his boyfriend Austin is becoming dangerously obsessed with a beehive, believing it grants him insight into the true nature of the universe.

You can catch the World War II set piece, Tale of Tales from Tuesday, May 22 until Wednesday, June 9. The story centres around, fierce and brave Antoinetta, a known communist, who is heavily pregnant, and has to flee from Italy to Australia to safety. Her husband Sante, a gentle storyteller, stays to fight against Europe’s rising fascist regimes.

The Edge will be in the theatre from Tuesday, May 29 until Saturday, June 16. The musical, originally performed in Malaysia, peers over the edge of the human condition and leaps into the complicated nature of relationships, it asks questions about affect, responsibility and forgiveness.

From Tuesday, June 19 until Saturday, July 7 you can catch HIRO: The Man Who Sailed His House. HIRO tells the incredible but true story of Hiromitsu Shinkawa, who survived the Japanese tsunami of 2011 by riding the sea on the roof of his house.

And, after a sell out season at Fringe, you can catch Banned at The Blue Room from Tuesday, July 3 until Saturday, July 14. It tells the story of a mother who just wants to watch her son play football, but was banned for life after an ugly incident.

The Blue Room Theatre’s new season runs from Monday, April 23 until Saturday, July 14.