THE BLUE ROOM THEATRE A physically distant Winter Nights 2020

This year, The Blue Room Theatre‘s Winter Nights 2020 Festival will be a largely remote one that embraces the opportunities and rises to the challenge of our physically distant reality. This year, Winter Nights is a chance to gain a porthole view into some of the working minds of Western Australia’s performing artists.

This year’s festival encompasses the essence of Winter Nights’ past by fostering dialogue, celebrating innovation and the creative process, supporting local artists to redefine their performance-making practice in the wake of COVID-19.

With theatres closed and restrictions placed upon collaboration and community, the very premise upon which we create and consume performance has been compromised. It’s time to traverse boundaries and transform. Artists have been provoked to reconsider how they can play with the high stakes of a live show and entertain interaction with audiences in this whole new world. With live broadcasted conversations accompanied by an all-new podcast along with a smorgasbord of creative developments, West Australian artists are doing just that.

This Winter Nights there are a lot of new works in the pipeline. Not all projects will be unveiled to the public this August, however, audiences can tune in, rock up and support a taster of tantalising conversations and innovating performance showings, trials and prototypes as artists dedicate themselves to redefining the future of performance.

The Blue Room Theatre’s Winter Nights Festival 2020 will be largely remote. Click here for more information on the Winter Nights 2020 program.