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The Liberators social movement have uploaded a new video showing Jasirah, a 17 year-old girl from the remote community of One Arm Point (North of Broome) placing her trust in strangers on a crowded afternoon at Cottesloe Beach. Blindfolded and standing in a sign that says, ‘I trust you. Do you trust me? Let’s Hug’ Jasirah’s gesture initially causes some confusion and bemusement, before societal resolve softens and strangers approach her for good-natured hugs. Faith in humanity seems restored on both sides of the blindfold,  though the end of the video provides a reminder that ‘In 2012, 14% of all Australians said they trusted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Share if you want to change that’. (Australian Reconciliation Barometer 2012.)

Given the above statistic and recent talk of “lifestyle choices” in remote communities it seems a timely social experiment indeed.







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