THE BLACK KEYS Lo/Hi gets 9/10

The Black Keys


It was five years ago that The Black Keys released Turn Blue and an Australian tour was announced. However, after drummer Patrick Carney broke/dislocated his shoulder in 2015, the tour was cancelled. It wasn’t long after that they announced they would be going on an indefinite hiatus and fans all over the world were left wondering if they would ever perform together again.

Fast forward to 2019, and The Black Keys posting a link to their new song on Facebook was met with plenty of rejoice. The trepidation also crept in as the link was clicked. Was this going to be worth the wait? Or was there going to be disappointment?

With some songs, you need to listen to it a few times before you really get into it. You know the ones – the slow burners. With Lo/Hi though, from the second they get into the tune, you just know that The Black Keys are back and sounding as fine as ever. It’s everything that we have come to expect from Carney and Dan Auerbach. Upbeat music that makes you want to dance yet tempered with dark lyrics like “drink till you cry and you’re lying in the mess you made”.

The only ‘issue’ with the song is that it’s just over three minutes long and with no news yet on when more music will be released (or an EP/Album), we are just left wanting so much more. For now though, it’s enough to know that they are back together and making music. It also means that they may be back on the road again sooner than we think and I can live with that.