THE BLACK KEYS Eagle Birds gets 8/10

The Black Keys
Eagle Birds


After eight studio albums (and a ninth on the way), The Black Keys have fine-tuned their sound and know just what buttons to press to turn on those emotions, whether they be sadness, joy, heartbreak or love. The same is true with their latest single, Eagle Birds. It’s a gorgeous love song which, and given news of drummer Patrick Carney’s very recent marriage to Michelle Branch, it is the perfect release to celebrate a new start, a new life and new music.

The imagery of the lyrics paints a picture of a log cabin surrounded by trees with the two eagles looking down at a couple in love, sitting outside admiring nature and hand-feeding each other as they laugh in the sunshine.

Combined with a killer beat and excellent tunes, they weave the story into a song that makes you feel happy and light and enveloped in warmth – as if you are soaring above with the eagles and escaping the pressures of everyday life: “Love me right, flying high/ With you and I”. Lifted from their upcoming album “Let’s Rock” (out June 28), second single Eagle Birds will have you up on your feet and dancing around with the reckless abandon of new love.