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THE BIZARRO ROOM – The Bizarre, The Brilliant And The Beautiful Abound


Friday, January 20, 2017
The Rocket Room (for Fringe Festival)


If you’re yearning for titillation and have a thirst for the dark, the quirky and the downright weird, then step right up to The Bizarro Room and indulge in a taster of some of Fringe’s finest. This late night cabaret is the perfect dessert after a Fringe feast, and runs every Friday at 1am at The Rocket Room, for the bargain price of $20. You want this, trust me. If you’re hankering for the best of Fringe, this is where you want to be at the conclusion of your evening.

An ever changing line up of talent, this is one of the stars of this year’s Fringe. It’s late, you’ve had a few, and you’re feeling daring. How about some burlesque babes, some cirque stars and some oddities to end the night? Beneath the beckoning ladies of Voodoo Lounge lies some darkness to bring you the biggest Fringe happy you’re going to find.

As mentioned, it’s a fairly fluid line up, but the inaugural Bizarro Room and the first night of Fringe delivered. The evening commenced with the transfixing writhings of the ever lovely burly star Vivian Marlowe, on the bar. Sets quite the tone, I can assure you. Backed up with MC Magnus Danger Magnus and that velvety voice gently cushioning you into the show, the night is set up to be all win. First up was Ruby Slippers, who pretty much just squirts fabulousness all over the audience in a cacophony of colour and body paint and nakedness and everything everyone loves – boobs, fierceness and slamming splits.

Not to be outdone, the always-incredible David Eriksson explodes onto stage in the midst of rockin’ anthems and very pink, very short shorts, and invades your eyeballs with some hardcore cirque du fabulousness. A whirling dervish of quirk and inspired moments, he is absolutely worth following in your Fringe journey. The things that man can do with his mouth will make your head spin. Go and see him in a multitude of shows this Fringe – but definitely add Pink on the Inside to your list. He’s one of Fringe’s best.

Agatha Frisky backs it up with her unique brand of burlesque as Pooh bear. This lady is quite a thing to behold. Bring your own tarp. She is next level sexiness on a stage and will leave you hankering to be selected for audience participation. Gagging for it, no less. This reviewer was definitely holding her hand aloft to be the chosen one.

Circus Carnis never fails to deliver. Seriously, if you haven’t popped your Circus Carnis cherry yet, this is a hell of a way to get it done. I’m not going to be that guy that ruins the surprise, but this very open minded reviewer was blown away that you could actually do that with a light globe. It’s quite a thing to behold.

If 1am is past your bedtime, make sure to add their other show to your hit list – El Bizarro was extremely well received last year, and promises to deliver more of the same this time around. Just be aware that it comes with a multitude of warnings, and if not a fan of quirkiness, and if you’re a heart attack risk, it might be one to shy away from. It’s ok, the rest of us will tell you about it anyway.


Photo by Johannes Reinhart

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