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THE BIG HOO-HAA!’S 18TH BIRTHDAY SHOW @ The Dolphin Theatre gets 8/10

The Big HOO-HAA!’s 18th birthday show @ The Dolphin Theatre

Friday, October 9, 2020


If you manage to keep a show alive for 18 years, it’s safe to assume that you’re doing something right! Indeed, there was nothing but smiles, laughs, and celebration in the air at The Big HOO-HAA!’s 18th birthday show, as the crowd were treated to a special night of top quality improv to celebrate this institution of improvisational comedy achieving a pretty special milestone.

The best thing about improv comedy, of course, is that no two shows are the same, and the crowd often has a lot of input as to how the night goes. The audience at the Dolphin Theatre for this special occasion was active; not shy to yell out their suggestions and get involved in the fray. There were a lot of players participating; some old, some new, with a great diversity in skill-set amongst the players: from amazing physical acting to sharp-as-nails quick wit.

A very special touch was the players introducing themselves, talking about how they got involved in The Big HOO-HAA! It was sincere in some cases, and in others, taking the opportunity for more jokes. The action was punctuated wonderfully by a band live on stage, which added to the raucous air of celebration. The night was MCd by creator Sam Longley, who kept the frenetic energy high and hilarious.

The night centered, as always, on the battle between the two teams, the Hearts and the Bones, who compete against each other in groups of three in round after round of mirth. To commence their scenes of three minutes each, the players had the choice of opening up a present purchased from an Op Shop, grabbing a suggestion from one of the 18 up on a rotary clothesline complete with the traditional 18th-birthday celebration goon bag, a suggestion from the audience, or a combination of some or all of the above. Many popular improv games were utilised and no topics were off-limits. We found out how sex with these players is like a shoelace, what the difference between a politician and an 18-year-old is, and Sigmund Freud even made an appearance at one point!

The Big HOO-HAA!’s 18th birthday celebration was an immensely enjoyable evening worthy of the milestone. The crew have recently announced they are moving out of their long term home of Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, but never fear! You can catch them every Thursday at The Rosemount Hotel at 8pm for a unique, brilliantly witty and above all hilarious experience.


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