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The best poker destinations around the world 

There is no question that there are some travellers out there, will try to hit all targets with one stone for each destination they visit. For poker lovers, visiting cities that have poker on their agenda of things to do, and to not actually play it, is a crime. Playing poker is one of the most highly rated gambling games of all time. If it is not the movies like Casino Royale etc. that have gotten you into it, it is the raw action and adrenaline that purely comes from playing!

 With all that being said, we have today a series of locations which can be specifically looked at in providing you with the entire package-travel and poker combined. So, the next time you want to book a trip that has poker venues where all the action happens, integrated within its experience, look no further than here.

 Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg has long been a very popular poker destination within South Africa. The first of the WSOP events to occur was actually within Johannesburg, during October 2010. It took place within the Emerald Resort within the casino and highlighted how much of a poker destination South Africa could be. In fact, the reputation of South Africa rose dramatically after these events, surging interest from gamblers all over the world to visit and gamble within local tournaments. 

 Of course, not only does South Africa offer a great poker destination, it can be a beautiful place to explore if you are looking to cash in on the natural landscape, and create memories amongst the wilderness. There are multiple safaris that you can collectively go on with a party of friends, to watch the local wildlife graze and truly sit back and let it all sink in.

 Las Vegas 

Las Vegas will of course have to make an appearance on our list, it would be silly of us not to, being that it has a reputation for being the Gambling Mecca of the world. The casino strips attract thousands and thousands of visitors each and every year, due to the extravagance of the gambling selections that are available. Vegas explores all the niches that are available in the gambling world, from poker variants, to other alternative card games. It is one of the most incredible gambling visits that anyone can make for themselves. The energy and atmosphere is not offered anywhere else in the world, and it does feel like a dream once you enter it, one that you will not want to wake up from at all.


It is said that China reels in far more gambling fortune than its sister locations such as Las Vegas. Being known as the biggest hub for gambling in all of Asia, it has now been added to the list for the Asia Pacific Poker Tours for Poker Stars. It makes perfect sense, considering that one of the casino games that booms with multiple players month on month, is poker! The poker rooms are lavish and grand, and ever since the expansion of poker to Macau in 2007, poker continuously grows and attracts the biggest names in the game, such as Sam Trickett and Tom Dwan. 

Monte Carlo 

We have all seen the James Bond movies where he gambled time, time and time again within the Monte Carlo Casino. Being that this is considered one of the most luxurious destinations to gamble in the world, many of the rich and famous venture there to take a taste of the glamorous lifestyle that all gamblers seem to desire for themselves. Located on the French Riviera, it sets itself on a different path and light to other locations like Vegas and Macau. You will not find any neon lights here, or tourists in t-shirts, that we will say. In fact, if you plan to make a trip here, make sure you bring a snappy suit that screams Gucci, and be ready to live up to the fancy lifestyle and pricey Champagne. It may set you back quite a bit though. 




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