THE BEST MUSIC OF 2016 with Chris Havercroft


2016 has been a tumultuous year in terms of politics and social issues. We’ve had some changes to deal with and have had to adopt an assertive view of the future. We’ve lost some great artists and icons, and have reflected on their work and life achievements. Though despite the hardships, it has also been a great year for music. We all have our favourites, and no doubt you’ve seen the mainstream Top 10 lists, our Chris Havercroft takes a more obscure perspective for his favourite albums of 2016.


ESP OhioStarting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

While people were losing their shit in 2016 over Car Seat Headrest, Bob Pollard showed that he is still the king of lo-fi. Pollard teamed up with guitar virtuoso and long time collaborator Doug Gillard to make an album that stands up against his Guided By Voices cannon. Indie rock at its finest!


Camp CopeCamp Cope

Coming out of nowhere with their honest and raw tales of inner city life, Camp Cope have the world at their feet after their self titled punk pop debut. The Camp Cope trio have shown that women can be awkward, anxious and fierce all at once. A killer rock record.


Annabelle Lord PateyPolaris

The daughter of Mary Lou Lord writes folk tunes that are well beyond her tender years. Anyone with a song titled Oxytocin, Serotonin & Me has their finger on the pulse.


Margo PriceMidwest Farmers Daughter

Nashville’s Margo Price wears the history of country music on her sleeve. Midwest Farmers Daughter is the most authentic country album of the year, and you can bet your prize steer that plant of whiskey was spilt along the journey to here.


Shining BirdBlack Opal

Shining Bird aren’t your average Australian Band. They write the type of tunes that have such hearty narratives that they fit perfectly alongside The Triffids and The Go-Betweens. Black Opal is a landmark release for the much underrated NSW act.



New Jersey outfit make an addictive record with Cardinal. Sounding a little like Built To Spill without the breadth of guitar acrobatics, Pinegrove hit all the right spots with this all to brief album. Rise and repeat.


Teenage FanclubHere

The jewell in the crown of Scottish bands return with their finest album in almost 20 years. Here is full of vintage guitars and the classic harmonies that has been the Teenage Fanclub signature. Here is a record to enjoy with loved ones.


The Jangle BandEdge Of A Dream

A collection of Perth’s finest pop proponents got together for a ‘one off’ gig and spawned a fully fledged band and killer album. There are so many fine hooks in Edge Of A Dream that even these with a club foot have no excuse to avoid the dance floor.


William TylerModern Country

Former member of both Lambchop and Silver Jews, William Tyler doesn’t even need to use his voice to make a brilliant album. This instrumental gem is Modern Country indeed.


The Wedding PresentGoing, Going …

The band with the tag line ‘all their songs sound the same’ have broken the mould on Going, Going.. This twenty song opus has a healthy dose of David Gedge having his heart stomped all over, but there is also the bands venture into post rock with a swag of instrumental tunes.