The best Australian bands of all time

The vast continent of Australia surely brought up a lot of variety in terms of young talents and people who want to do something significant with their lives, and this led to a number of extremely talented musicians to come out and show the rest of the world what they were made of, cause they thought that being famous across one continent is not enough, so they grew so big that almost nobody knew they were Australian, besides people who actually were from down under!


Regurgitator are an Australian rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, formed in late 1993 by Quan Yeomans on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards; Ben Ely on bass guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Martin Lee on drums. They’re also known as one of Australia’s most-loved rock bands; and their last release was their 10th studio album, Quarter Pounder, in 2019.

Empire Of The Sun

An Aussie supergroup, comprising The Sleepy Jackson’s Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore of Pnau. Their self-titled 2008 album raised a few eyebrows, thanks to the outfits the duo wore, which evoked nothing less than some kind of bizarre 1980s fantasy movie. Their last album was Two Vines, and it was released in 2016.


This hard-rocking Melbourne group’s foundation was siblings Nic and Chris Cester, and their most successful moment was 2003’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Other standout tunes from their earlier album Get Born include Rollover DJ and Look What You’ve Done.

The Avalanches

On their first record Since I Left You, a vast mix of original tracks, iconic sounds, and scratching, the Victoria DJ crew made a significant impression in 2000. It must have been presumed that they would never follow this up, yet they would with Wildflower 16 years down the line.


This group from Sydney, who were discovered by Liam Gallagher, published their first song Delete in 2014. As Of now, their latest album, was released in 2018 and was labeled as “BIBLICAL” by Liam. In 2016, their version of Cher’s Believe made it to number six on Triple J’s Top 100.

Tame Impala

Tame Impala is Aussie multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock project. Parker writes, records, plays, and produces all of the project’s material in the studio. When Tame Impala goes on tour, the band lineup includes Parker, Dominic Simper, Jay Watson, Cam Avery, and Julien Barbagallo. Parker’s band is also known to have a particular liking on Australian Casino sites, with Tame Impala themed games and more.

The Vines

The Vines, fronted by singer and guitarist Craig Nicholls, made a big impression with their 2002 debut album Highly Involved, which featured songs like Get Free and Highly Evolved. However, because of Nicholls’ unpredictable behavior, half of the band left throughout the course of the band’s tumultuous history. He was eventually diagnosed with Asperger ’s syndrome and yet still performs with the band.

Cut Copy

The Cutters, who have been signed to the mega Modular label, were founded around Melbournian Producer and artist Dan Whitford and released their first album record, Bright Like Neon Love, in 2004. They’ve produced a variety of electronic rock albums, including In Ghost Colours in 2008 and Haiku From Zero 9 years later in 2017


The three piece band based in Sydney, which included Andrew Stockdale on guitar and vocals, had made their first record, Woman, in 2005. Since then, they have released several albums, notably 2009’s Cosmic Egg and Victorious in 2016. Their most recent album release is called Rock’n’Roll Baby and it was published in 2019.

Sleepy Jackson

A respected Perth musical band led by composer Luke Steele. Steele released two albums, Lovers (2003) and Personality – One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird (2006), but his Empire Of The Sun project has consumed most of his attention since then.

The Howling Bells

Juanita Stein on singing and her brother Joel as guitarist founded this Australian music group in 2004. They possess 4 records to their credit, the most recent of which being Heartstrings, released in 2014.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Cave, the dark maestro of Australian music, made his breakthrough in 1978 with the punk/goth group The Birthday Party. The band split up in 1983, leaving Cave to establish The Bad Seeds, who have since produced 15 albums. Murder Ballads, released in 1996, saw him collaborate with this other Australian celebrity, Kylie Minogue.


And last but most definitely not least, The famous Acca Dacca were established by siblings Malcolm and Angus Young – two Scottish Glaswegians (from Glasgo) who came to Australia in the 1960s. The band, which originally included the departed Bon Scott on vocals (who was substituted by Brian Johnson following his death in 1980), has clocked up 40 years of no-nonsense, vulgar, and profane rock ‘n’ roll. In Melbourne, there is currently a street called “AC/DC Lane .”