THE BENNIES Natural Born Chillers gets 8.5/10

The Bennies
Natural Born Chillers
Pool House/Remote Control


The Bennies’ new LP, Natural Born Chillers, needs no translation. It’s party music in any language. They’re all about the anthem, having fun and enjoying the moment – and getting high too. Natural Born Chillers is fodder for just that, so sit back and prepare to party on this psychedelic journey through time and space. At 23 minutes it’s all chiller, no filler.

They’ve once again done what they do best, whatever crazy shit that felt good. Sound wise, it’s rawer and rougher in parts, yet more refined in others, especially where they’ve held back urges to intensify the chaos in places for that chiller vibe. It’s short but oh so sweet, it’s chaotic but somehow seamlessly organised – just a great sounding album.

It’s a chiller punk rock fusion with a prominent ska presence adding a real laid back vibe to the mix that’s easy to dig. Topped with killer guitar and bass riffs, gnarly drummage and insane synths and samples, there’s a little something something for everyone. The dense seasoning of brass work and techno treats scattered throughout only enhance it further.

Thematically it’s typical of The Bennies style: have fun, thrash, and party party party. Opener, Get High Like An Angel, is a perfect intro to the album’s party-chiller vibe. Dealing with frontman Anty Horgan’s internal debate whether to behave good or throw it all away and go fucking party, it acts like a choose your own adventure for the rest of the album and whether you’re in to chill or to party, choose wisely young grasshopper.

A delirious punk-disco fusion in Dreamkillers will certainly have you on your feet, bopping around before a chorus thrash out. There’s even some philosophical guidance via lyrics “Break away from people that destroy you, chase your dreams and do what you wanna do”. Wise words.

Title track Natural Born Chillers has a particularly sick ska infusion. They’ve held back letting loose and it’s made for a ripper track. It’s all about not taking life too seriously and enjoying the moment. For many of us, natural born stressors if you will, this track will alter your mindset and have you feeling on the up in no time. An undeniable audio chill pill to feed the inner chiller.

Longest track Trip Report is a spoken word tune that sees band members relay a personal story in their own verse. A groovy rolling beat with lyrics that’ll fuel the occasional laugh. Apathetic Revolution hits the band’s tripped out roots with a boisterous sound and way catchy lyrics.

Destination Unknown takes on a bit more of a rocky sound while Ocean and the rapid spitfire, Very Shit Carpet, provide some nice thrash fodder, the latter a rapid, 57 second track acting as a perfect mic drop to close with.

It’s loaded with, at times, almost spiritual lyrical guidance. And from the delicate fusion and seamless transitions of genre, the gnarly instrumental work and that seemingly perfect placement of synths and samples, there’s a lot of intricate work worthy of appreciation in the album.

Expect to come out of Natural Born Chillers carefree and chilled to the bone, with a cool cat grin and a spring in your step. After a rather ordinary week, I couldn’t help thinking “life’s pretty dam good right now” afterwards.  Then I realised, the chiller within had been released from the day to day prison it’s often confined to.

Overall, it’s infectiously fun and you just can’t help but feel good listening, it’ll bring out the natural born chiller within us all.  Whole album or single track, as the beats go down and your body begins to move, your mood will be on the up. Don’t try to fight the infection, just admit yourself, absorb the vibe and have a good time. That’s what it’s all about, and the world is a better place for it.