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THE BENNIES Get High Like an Angel gets 7/10

The Bennies
Get High Like an Angel
Pool House Records


The Melbournian psychedelic fusion of alternative, punk, reggae, ska, techno and rock, better known as The Bennies, have just released new single, Get High Like an Angel, a cut from their new album, Natural Born Chillers, due to be dropped February 2.

Much like a sizable portion their back catalogue, Get High Like an Angel is a party track. It’s a quick, energetic feel good song that’s likely to induce body movement in almost any listener. It’s frantic and it’s fun. Packed with glitzy riffs over mellow percussion and bass with some trumpet work in there that gives it a rad ska feel too.

For the uninitiated, between song title and chorus lyrics like “I get high like an angel / and I scream like the devil”, you’d be forgiven thinking there’s a religious connotation, but let’s face it, for those that know The Bennies, we know exactly what they mean. Their music is about partying, and of course getting high, and Get High Like an Angel is no different, it’s another well balanced track.

Off the back of their 2016 album, Wisdom Machine, there’s no telling what Natural Born Chillers will bring us in February when they debut for Smith Street Band’s Pool House Records, but this is a promising indication.

Catch The Bennies party live at one of their three WA tour shows at Rosemount Hotel, Margaret River Football Club or Mojos, December 1–3 respectively.


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