THE BEASTS Putting down the Bourbon

After an emotional final performance with the Beasts of Bourbon, Tex Perkins hit upon the idea of getting all of the band’s members, past and present into a recording studio with no particular agenda other than to do just that. The result is their new album, Still Here which will be out February 15. 

Now touring as just ‘The Beasts’ they’ll be playing Rock Rover on Thusday, March 14 and The Rosemount Hotel for two nights on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16.

“With respect, this isn’t the Beasts of Bourbon,” they say. “It would need to have (Spencer) Jonesy on every track to be that! But loudly and proudly this is: The Beasts Still Here.”

Assembled in Soundpark Studio were, Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola, Spencer Jones, Kim Salmon and Tex Perkins. Sadly, bassist Brian Hooper didn’t make it along as he passed away a week after the Beasts last show. Captured were: Brian Hooper’s What The Hell Was I Thinking, James Baker’s Drunk On A Train, Boris’ Don’t Pull Me Over, Kim’s Pearls Before Swine, Tex’s On My Back and Just Let Go and Spencer’s At The Hospital. There was Zappa’s The Torture Never Stops, Warren Zevon’s My Shit’s Fucked Up.

Listen to the first single, On My Back, hereStill Here is out February 15. The Beasts play Rock Rover and The Rosemount Hotel in March. Tickets on sale now.