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The Beards

BeardsThe Beard Album

It began as a one-off joke in Adelaide and quickly became one of our biggest comedy exports. The Beards have been keeping things hirsute and hilarious for three albums now, and they show no signs of slowing down – let alone shaving – on their fourth.

The Beard Album does exactly what it says on the tin of whiskers: it’s an album about beards. All kinds of beards. Sexy beards (Touch Me In The Beard), drug-addled beards (Stroking My Beard), antisocial beards (I Like Beards) and militant beards (The Bearded Pledge). It’s full of chants, chock-a-block choruses and enough keytar and sax to keep the ’80s dream alive. It’s one of the few albums that you can honestly say is absolutely and completely ridiculous and not be insulting. It is, in short, everything you’ve come to expect from The Beards – and maybe just a little bit more.


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