THE APPARATUS Of the master of the macabre

From one of Perth’s leading divisor-performers Humphrey Bower, and the creative team behind last year’s award-winning Hiro, comes the world premiere of The Apparatus, a surreal black comedy adapted from the works of Franz Kafka, showing at The Blue Room Theatre from Tuesday, August 13 to Saturday, August 31.

This visceral new production created from three stories by the master of the macabre, Franz Kafka, explores the twists and turns of legal and bureaucratic absurdity, safety and security, anxiety and paranoia, and absurd and cruel forms of punishment and oppression, all linked by the concept of the apparatus.

Before the Law is a haunting parable about a man waiting outside a door; The Burrow is a black comedy about a creature obsessed with holes and tunnels, and In the Penal Colony is a perverse demonstration by an insane officer of a torture device on an island prison.

Although Kafka’s stories were written a hundred years ago, they have never been more timely than they are today. Originally, they were variously interpreted as neurotic nightmares, surrealist fantasies, existential allegories, theological parables or critiques of administrative bureaucracy, but today they seem more like prophetic visions of our current obsession with national security.

The Apparatus runs at the Blue Room theatre from Tuesday, August 13. Click here for tickets.