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THE 7 DEADLY SINNERS Hot in the city

Greed, envy, wrath, pride, sloth, gluttony and lust – the seven capital vices will be brought to life in delicious style through The Showhouse PERTH’s tantalising new production. The 7 Deadly Sinners Northbridge haunt Tetsuo NC for one night only Friday, July 14

Fresh from their hit shows The Midnight Special and Sugar High, this is more than your average burlesque soiree, with surprises galore to accompany the flesh. The interactive cabaret will star some of Perth’s most coveted dancers, each claiming a cardinal sin to personify.

“I will give you the attention you’ve always wanted. Anyone not already under my spell will end up in a haze of envy.” – Envy, played by Simone Colella.

Led by the Devil herself, Luci-fer (Elousie Eftos) will divulge tales of the seven deadly sinners and how they ended up on her doorstep in the fiery pits of hell.

“Luci is ever so proud of her sinners and just wants the audience to understand that being bad is way more fun than being good,” Eftos explains. “We want people to escape and experience a world that they haven’t before. We want them to forget about their troubles and give into their sins.”

These smoking hot performers will also be backed by their very own boozy bubble tea range, a cheeky collection of sin-themed cocktails designed by Tetsuo NC. From the bourbon, coffee liqueur, cola and cherry tones of Lust’s creation to the fresh tidings of Pride – tequila, orange and pomegranate – there’s a flavour to suit any craving.

And for those that want to keep the debauchery going, ride the post-show high with DJ Elise Keddie delivering a heady dose of R&B on the decks ‘til dawn.

“I am the woman every girl aspires to be. I am a perfectionist and will demand your attention without even saying a word,” Gluttony, played by Lili Donaldson.

The 7 Deadly Sinners takes place Friday, July 14 at Tetsuo NC. Get your tickets from Ticketbooth.

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