The 1975


Tired Lion

Amplifier Capitol

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The cold and temperamental weather surrounding Perth on Thursday night was but an afterthought when the desires of countless screaming girls were answered as Manchester’s own, The 1975, kicked off their tour Down Under with confidence and spunk.

It only took 30 minutes for the usually spacious Amplifier Bar to become an immovable sea of eager and animated fans as the lengthy line crowding Murray Street spilled into the venue. With an energetic audience waiting, Tired Lion seized the moment, performing a flawless set that was sure to raise self-awareness.  Beginning with elegant simplicity, Tired Lion’s collection of older and newer tracks told a story within themselves, with slow progressions and lively builds which blossom into thumping choruses. Drummer Ethan Darnell’s smile told the story, as it was impossible to resist the infectious melodies brought forth through Sophie Hopes’ honestly raw vocals. The group’s songs flowed seamlessly, throwing the crowd into fifth gear as the main event continued to approach.

Soon enough the Brit boys hit the stage through a cluster of dazzling white lights and deafening screams. iPhones lit up and cameras began filming what would be a huge hour and fifteen minute set from The 1975. In what felt like a solo show, front man Matthew Healy held the crowd in the palm of his hand, using his boyish charm perfectly, keeping the crowd engaged, singing along and love-struck.  As the crowd continued to erupt in So Far (It’s Alright), it was evident that the band, having only just released their debut album, are at the top of their game as drummer George Daniel broke down the barriers of a traditional four piece kit, achieving unique and incredible drum fills and tempo changes to provide groovy and fun indie-pop beats. John Waugh would join the lineup with some fascinating saxophone solos whilst both Adam Hann and Ross MacDonald added sound pads to their instrumental artistry. Props had to be given to Healy, however, who sung the set incredible despite sporting his bad boy getup with a smoke and red wine in hand, showcasing himself as the UK’s answer to INXS’ Michael Hutchence. The night would soon dampen when the band chose to prolong an instrumental fill rather then harness the traditional encore. All would soon be fixed, however, as the band returned to close the show with a huge lineup of Girls, Robbers, Chocolate and Sex; leaving the crowd singing and dancing in ecstasy.