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Amore & Sorvete’s bikini bottoms
Amore & Sorvete’s bikini bottoms

The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival’s Swim + Resort Series kicks off on Sunday, December 14, at the Royal Perth Yacht Club. PENNY LANE talks to some of the West Australian designers showcasing their new summer designs at the event, and finds out what we can expect to see lining our coastlines this season. 



What influenced you to create Palm?

The brand was founded by myself and my partner, Ben, when we were both living in Bali together. The beach, travel, and the ‘feeling of summer’ was the main influence of the brand for us, as well as our love for simple, classic design and high quality staple pieces.

You only founded the label earlier this year. How has it been received?

When we first started the brand we really didn’t know what to expect. We just tried to stay true to our design aesthetics, which was for simple, clean cut, yet bold designs that are timeless and long lasting. Our swimwear easily found it’s own place in the market  – it occupies a unique spot through its understated approach to iconic designs and carefully chosen, high quality raw materials.
What can we expect from your SS14/15 range?

Our SS15/14 is our Back to Basics collection. Our main focus was on redefining the basics, using clean cuts and tailored silhouettes that exude a cool confidence and elegance that has is distinguished through simplicity.  You can expect sport-luxe inspired designs, monochrome palettes, strong lines and classic designs with fine detailing.


What colours/patterns can we expect to grace our beaches this summer?

I think you will again see a large variety of swimwear this year. There is a bikini for every event and every mood! Bright colours and prints always make a statement but I also think you will see a lot of cut-out bikinis, teeny Brazilian bikinis, and fashion inspired bikinis that can be worn from beach to bar.



How did you come up with your label’s name?

A bit of a word flow, which goes like this: My name is Nicola Spicer… Spice is my nickname… Ginger is a spice… Zingiber is the Latin word for Ginger.

Why have you decided to stay in Perth to design this lovely brand?
I have lived in Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne   I absolutely love Perth! Plus I used to work FIFO, so that is why I was here in the first place.

What’s your SS14/15 range all about?

Unique edgy sophisticated vibes.


You’ve got some impressive achievements under your belt.

We recently just won Best Up and Coming Swimwear Designer 2014 and our designs have been worn by Sydney Fashion Blogger and Micah Gianneli.

What are people going to be wearing this summer?

Mexican prints, Italian Lycra, mesh styles, navy colours and our unique hooded swimsuit is setting its own trend.
What’s your favourite item from your new range?

I love our St Louis gun print bikini, Ruby Rose just requested this one!



What makes F E L L A special?

F E L L A was created by two Perth born girls who have a love of travel and wanted to create something unique in the market. Our swimwear is made with Italian fabrics, is digitally printed in Sydney and manufactured in my business partners private factory in Bali and then distributed all over the globe to our stockists.


What’s your must-have piece this summer? 

The Mad Max one-piece: It’s sexy without being too revealing, great on a range of figures, and feminine with a bit of edge with the mesh detailing and low back with high neckline.
What’s the Perth swimwear scene like? 

It’s great  –– very creative and dynamic. People often say to me, ‘why did you choose swimwear, it’s so competitive?’. The way I look at it is that every market is competitive in some way, especially in the clothing trade, but you can either see that as a negative or positive. I have several friends who have swimwear brands as well as clothing labels and I love what they do. We just focus on our business and produce things we love and don’t really think about competition.


Where has your swimwear travelled?

We have been lucky enough to secure international stockists in Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Europe, Israel and Lebanon in our first season.


What influenced you to create this swimwear label?

From a very young age I started collecting swimwear. I don’t know if that was because I spent all my time at the beach or because beautiful prints and fabrics caught my eye, but swimwear was always on the top of my birthday and Christmas lists every year and I was always saving up to buy my next pair. So when I turned 21 I decided to chase my dreams and start designing my own pieces, which turned out to be a success.

Sum up Amore & Sorvete’s style. What are you guys all about?

Amore & Sorvete is an Australian swimwear brand influenced by Brazil, hence the name Amore & Sorvete (meaning ‘love and ice-cream’ in Portuguese). With our signature Brazilian cut bottoms and feminine prints, this is what represents my brand. I think most girls who know A&S would be able to spot our bikinis from a mile away.

What can we expect from your SS14/15 range?

The collection Bon Voyage is influenced by the 1960s – it has a very sweetheart feel about it, incorporating gingham prints and heart-shaped cut-outs. It’s very feminine and cute and we’ve already had such a great response, selling out of our most popular styles.

What’s your favourite item from your new range?

I personally live in my basic triangle and seamless Brazilian bottom because that’s what I feel most comfortable in, but one of our top sellers would have to be our Miami bottom, which is Brazilian cut but with a ruffle around the bottom with cute trimmings, super cute and super sexy.


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