TECH HAPPY TIMES Buy And Sell Smarter, Not Harder


Whether you’re buying or selling, remember to use all the technological advantages available to you.

Back in the day, heading for the local real estate office to check out the board or waiting for the paper to come out so you could scrawl through the classifieds, were some of the only ways to see potential purchases. How times have changed.

The internet is proving an invaluable tool for those entering the real estate market; buyers and sellers alike can reap the benefits of a tech-savvy approach. Sometimes we bypass new digital opportunities because it seems like too much effort to update the arsenal, but you’re really cutting yourself off from a great range of diverse tools that can make the whole experience a lot easier.

Those selling will want to promote property via a number of online sites. If you’re using an agent, they’ll obviously post your property on their homepage and other sites they deem most appropriate/viable. They can also usually answer questions about other sites you’ve stumbled across that appear to be workable options.

Going it on your own? A top tip would be to make sure you have quality photos, well-lit and showcasing realistic proportions; eye-catching imagery is an integral part of the online browsing experience, but a bit pointless if your place really doesn’t look like the pictures. Some sites require you pay a fee to list your property, but be sure to check the validity of the site first.

This point may sound basic, but it is a good idea to click through your listings on a variety of devices if possible, to ensure every link is working at optimum level. (Better you find out there’s a problem with an image before a potential buyer.)

If purchasing, keep in mind many agents now have real estate (e)mailing lists. Sign on, and you’ll be updated on new properties that may suit your needs. Take advantage of alert systems; often you can list suburbs you want to be notified of when suitable properties hit the market.

This also applies to many apps. Apps are big in real estate. People have gotten creative and are constantly coming up with helpful digital tools you can utilise on the go. Not only can you keep an eye on potential properties, but why not check out what a different coat of paint would do to a potential buy, courtesy of a makeover app? Not to mention apps that focus on property history, or area details. Have a browse; new apps are always hitting the market, some free, some for purchase. The range is surprising, and innovative.

Blogs are another great way to get up to date on the world of real estate. Reading through other people’s experiences can offer valuable insights, and help you avoid common mistakes. Aside from personal blogs, there are many articles online that address numerous issues relating to real estate, and the world of real estate tech (some you probably haven’t even thought of/stumbled across yet). Take the time to read up; knowledge really is power.