TC Electronic Dreamscape Effects Pedal / Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive Pedal

TC Electronic Dreamscape Effects PedalTC Electronic Dreamscape Effects Pedal

John Petrucci of Dream Theater has been known to have laid down some of the most lush chorus effect sounds throughout his recording career. The intro to Pull Me Under from Images And Words comes immediately to mind. The Dreamscape from TC Electronic is his signature modulation effects pedal.

The chorus settings on the pedal provide pretty much the entire spectrum of popular chorus, while the vibrato and flanger settings take everything to more extreme levels, providing some quite outlandish effects if required. A general EQ setting allows the user to just tweak the pedal’s output slightly in terms of darkness or brightness, which is a nice touch. The final setting on the pedal is reserved for the company’s Toneprint function, which provides an opportunity for players to create and download custom settings from the web via USB connectivity.

The pedal is put together well and features stereo or mono ins and outs depending on requirements.

The Dreamscape retails for $399. Mega Music Wangara is currently selling the pedal for $340. Get in quick.

Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive Pedal

Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive Pedal

The quest for the perfect tone can be a long and winding road, particular when a guitarist is trying to nail down the most appropriate dirty signal for their style. The Way Huge Red Llama could be the answer for guitarists who are into classic overdrive sounds, sonically positioning itself like it could have been on any number of late sixties or early seventies pedalboards.

It’s a very simple device. There’s a gain setting and a volume setting with an on/off toggle switch. For this type of effect, the simpler the better. It isn’t a pedal that will blow anyone’s head off in terms of gain saturation, but if you’re after a quality sounding overdrive that emulates the classic sound of an overdriven tube amp, this is a serious contender. The overdrive is warm and it is easy to set a decent level against the disengaged clean sound for authenticity. Old school, look, old school sound, new school price.

The Way Huge Red Llama retails for $219. Go and see the good folk at Mega Music Wangara to pick one up for just $189.