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TAYLOR CUTTS Cutting Class

Taylor Cutts
Taylor Cutts

Country/rock artist Taylor Cutts plays alongside Tim Roose at the Acoustic Candlelight Sessions at Kidogo Arthouse on Wednesday, December 10.

So, what’s your story?

My solo project The Taylor Cutts Band, formed in late 2013 with the three founding members of Queens Boulevarde and the addition of organ player Brad Green and violinist Caitlin Du Toit. The project built on Queens Boulevarde’s alt-rock and country roots and is now defining a sound of its own.

Tell us about your EP.

My debut EP, Change Of Pace, was recorded at Red Wall Studios and mixed and mastered by James Collins at Grizzly Studios. We’re really happy with the sound and finished product and it’s been a real success for us.

What’s coming up for you?

With plenty of shows coming up over the summer all through the Perth metro area, we’re planning to keep writing and carry on the success of Change Of Pace and hopefully have a follow up release in 2015. I’ll also be playing a string of acoustic shows at the Claremont Hotel with my guitar player, Tim Milroy, on Saturdays; The Wembley Hotel on Sundays and Benny’s in Fremantle on Wednesday nights all summer.

Who else in the Perth scene is doing it for you right now?

There’s a few great local acts we’re really loving at the moment like These Winter Nights and Timothy Nelson And The Infidels. They’re both great live acts and give us a real inspiration to keep raising the bar for ourselves.



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