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TAPZ Juice gets 8/10


100s+ 1000s


Juice is our very first sip from TAPZ since his 2017 debut EP Beautiful Nightmare and it has left us thirsty for more. It is an unassuming, laid back track about gaining respect, fame and street credibility aka the juice and then other people wanting to drink from your cup.

The New Zealand-via Zimbabwe rapper, who’s breakout came via featuring on Hermitude’s hit The Buzz has recently relocated to New York and it is a safe bet that those new local sound influences are going to be heavily audible on his next album.

The simple lyrics of Juice manage to still contain enough of a raw, poetic social commentary that the mellowness of the track doesn’t just completely wash it out to a background chill. It has heavy Post Malone feels with a shadow of Drake. A promising opener and we are left very intrigued to hear more. With a heavier, catchier hook this could have had huge hit potential.


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