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Yield To Despair

Bird’s Robe Records

 You know you’re in for an obscure musical journey when you put an album into your CD player, it is all instrumental, features only five tracks but goes for over 70 minutes, the first track is called The Albanian Sleepover – Part One, and the first thing you hear is just about the doomiest, dredgiest thing you’ve ever heard, with quite possibly the furriest guitar sound in history. But that’s Perth’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving for you.

These guys’ aim is obviously to create music that’s as far humanly possible from the mainstream. I adore all-instrumental music, however this band stretch the boundaries of even my tastes, with their virtual complete lack of discernible melody and song structure.

Experiencing Yield to Despair end to and in all its enigmatic glory is a tough gig. In fact, it’s very aptly named, as are some of the songs (Downbeat, Shaking off Futility). It’s far from an uplifting listen, quite the opposite in fact, but that’s hardly the point. This band aims to make a doomy and powerful statement with their music, and explore relentlessly dark soundscapes, not to put a boppy smile on your dial, and they succeed in these things admirably. If you’re already of a depressive type of disposition, or are simply feeling a little down about life, maybe wait ‘til you’re feeling better to give this album a go. If you like all musical things dark, obtuse and vocal-free, yield to this album’s strange charms.

3.5 stars



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