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TANAYA HARPER Slow Motion Breakup gets 8/10

Tanaya Harper
Slow Motion Breakup


While artists of her generation may start their own boutique record labels, Tanaya Harper takes the more traditional route of being an indie artist who works behind the counter at a record store. Once announcing herself onto the scene, Harper founded the band Bells Rapids, as well as playing bass in Ghost Care. It is her solo releases though that have displayed her greatest output to date. Slow Motion Breakup is her newest collection of songs. 

The title track acts as a conduit between Harper’s two EP’s, with Slow Motion Breakup being a short acoustic tune with the line “I don’t want to see you anymore” repeated throughout. It is as haunting as it is simple. The remainder of the EP is considerably more fleshed out as Harper enlists the help of a full band. Crash Pad is the type of song that would have felt right at home in 1990s, amongst artists like The Clouds. It is a taught tune with crisp guitar, and a bright chorus, before  building to a fiery crescendo. 

The detailing of those raw moments in relationships is Harper’s bread and butter on this outing. Throughout, she continues to enhance her reputation as an insightful writer who draws on personal experience to excel in songwriting candour. Evan Keele speaks to her experiences with medication and how it aids in healing but may numb other experiences as they unfold. 

Harper knows her way around a melody, with Slow Motion Breakup being full of moments that you will want to revisit regularly.

There have been some buzz musicians from Perth in the past couple of years. Rest assured Tanaya Harper runs rings around most of them all as both a singer and a songwriter.  


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