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TANAYA HARPER Graceless gets 8/10

Tanaya Harper


Tanaya Harper’s debut single Graceless is the first to be taken from her upcoming EP Some Kinds. It’s a truly beautiful tune that shows off her excellent vocals and beautiful song writing. She has played with the likes of Alex the Astronaut, Jen Cloher and Abbe May, and is known around Perth for her work in Bells Rapids and Ghost Care.

The track has Harper’s voice layered beautifully over the track to create a dreamy and haunting effect. This also helps in highlighting the lyrics, including the wonderful yet simple line “I wonder will I drift or sink?”

The guitar in the track is also lovely and simple, yet it works so well. Played by Stella Donnelly, it provides the perfect background to Harper’s vocals.

Lyrically, this is a brave song for Harper to release first, as it seems quite personal, especially with lines like “Sometimes I don’t feel anything”. This makes the hook of “On and on and on” even greater because of its mantra-like feel. Even if this wasn’t intended it still works well on the track, and gives it a bit of a positive spin.

Overall, Tanaya Harper’s debut track is a dreamy and beautiful first offering, finding greatness in simplicity and vulnerability.


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