Tamas Wells


On The Volatility Of The Mind 



Tamas Wells is better known elsewhere in the world than in his native country, not only as an introspective singer but also due to his work as a humanitarian aid worker. Wells again wrote some tunes during his time in Myanmar and since returning to Melbourne in 2012, has pulled together On The Volatility Of The Mind.

Opening the album with whistling is fraught with danger and in many people’s hands would be cloying, but damn if that this thing doesn’t earworm you all day! It is not the only feature that makes A Riddle a fine starter as is reintroduces the listener to Wells’ gentle tones and knack for a subtle melody.

Wells can break a heart just by opening his mouth, such is the fragility in his voice, and when he slows the pace and sings over delicate keys on Benedict Island, Pt. One there are plenty who will share a heavy heart with him. Even when upping the tempo Wells shows a frailty of few others, but he can’t help but be swayed by a fine melody. A Snake Bite At The Quarry and An Appendix show off this insatiable appetite for crafting bouncy-yet-broken pop.

Wells is criminally underrated, which can probably be attributed to his lack of time spent in Australia of late. When he does find the time to breathe life into his songs in the studio it is well worth the effort to track them down and hibernate with them for a time. On The Volatility Of The Mind is no exception.