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Reality Kicks

Sydonia Records/MGM


It was 2007 when Sydonia’s first LP, Given To Destroyers, drew the attention of Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe in an Australian record store. Ever since, Sydonia have been on top of the Australian local scene, touring alongside Slipknot, Korn and Stone Sour.

Now, seven years later, the Melbourne four-piece has released their second album, Reality Kicks, with a sound as ambitious and diverse as ever before. Continuing to blur the lines of rock and metal, Sydonia blend symphonic guitars with impactful drums, aggressive bass and soaring vocals to generate a haunting and darker mood; ranging from the forceful kick of booming bass drum and unclean growls in Elbow to the acoustic guitar-driven, ascending track Reality Kicks.

That being said, Sydonia’s openness to a multitude of musical directions may allow them connect to a broader audience, but fails to excel in any memorable fashion overall. Besides the impactful and melodic Wheels, there isn’t anything to take away from the LP other then the potential of their interesting blend of sounds.



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