After revisiting the 60s with The Doors, the 70s with David Bowie, and the 90s with Nirvana, Perth Symphony Orchestra are taking us to the 80s this time round for an orchestral party like nothing before! SWEET DREAMING: Eurythmics Reimagined is a rare and unprecedented opportunity to hear the music of one of rock’s most enduring symbols, the amazing Annie Lennox, live at HBF Stadium on Thursday, December 3.

The show is set to feature innovative orchestral arrangements that will breathe new life into the songs of Eurythmics, while three breathtaking singers are set to embody the eras and unique harmonies of Annie Lennox.

Irish non-binary vocalist Freddie Mai will play the spunky new wave synth-pop Lennox of the early 80s; Sabrina Davies is set to bring her powerful vocals to the show alongside a history of performing Lennox’s music, while esteemed Western Australian vocalist Ali Bodycoat will take on the Annie Lennox solo era post-Dave Stewart in the early 90s and beyond.

It’s impossible to separate Eurythmics from the gender-bending imagery of Lennox. When Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) made them the stars of MTV in 1983, she was an instant success. The red crew cut, like the short blonde do that followed, are 80s iconography.

Lennox was the sister doing it for herself, and together with producer/guitarist Dave Stewart she released some of the decade’s most unforgettable songs: Who’s That Girl, Miracle of Love, Here Comes the Rain Again, Thorn in My Side, There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart), Missionary Man, Would I Lie to You, It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back), Right By Your Side, When Tomorrow Comes… the list goes on.

Add Lennox solo hits such as Walking on Broken Glass and Why and you have one of the great catalogues in popular music. And yes, this concert will feature favourites ranging from Eurythmics’ early 80s synth-pop visionary phase to Lennox solo classics including her Lord of the Rings contribution Into the West, and everything in between.

SWEET DREAMING: Eurythmics Reimagined by Perth Symphony Orchestra goes down at HBF Stadium on Thursday, December 3. Tickets are on sale now through