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SUSS CUNTS Temper gets 6/10

Suss Cunts
Hysterical Records


The name Suss Cunts might stir a few people up, but there’s nothing suss about the Melbourne punk rock trio’s music. Songs like Shit Friend, Anaemic Boyfriend and Get Laid give you an indication of their rebellious, no fucks given, style.

Suss Cunts’ music is thought provoking punk even when they’re not provoking the best thoughts, with catchy lyrics and jagged instrumentals that create a raw, infectious rhythm. Ahead of a sophomore EP due April 27, they’ve dropped title track Temper, a Dead Kennedys-esque track with a neat Suss Cunts flair.

Kicking off with a mid-tempo intro, it quickly builds into a serving of gritty guitar and punchy drums with a subtle, rolling bassline. Topped with brisk vocals, Temper has a lively surf punk vibe to it, but with a cool, slightly ominous sound thrown in there to.

The lyrics reference addiction and associated bad decisions, with repeated vocals confessing, “It’s a cheap thrill, loving you, it’s a cheap thrill, no frills, and I got no money, but I got time for you”.

Normally you wouldn’t trust a suss cunt enough to lend them $20 or your lighter, but this trio are well worth lending your ears to. Even if it’s only a passing curiosity at this stage, we’re expecting more good to come from this rambunctious carefree trio, and the Temper EP. Bring on an LP.


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